Turn Key Projects

Swedserv provides all types of telecommunications turn key projects such as but not limited to:

Pre - Rollout Services

  • Switching network issues, numbering plans, 3rd party product compatibility, messaging nodes, prepaid and intelligent networks.
  • RND, (Radio network design) site survey, optimization and cell and frequency planning.
  • Traffic data generation & optimization.
  • Support systems such as OSS, SOG, BGW systems etc.
  • All types of civil work required for Switching and/or Radio sites.

Rollout Services

  • Installation and integration of Switching nodes and Radio sites.
  • Test, integration and trouble shooting of different nodes in the network as well as network traffic tests etc.
  • Quality audits and acceptance tests.

Operation & Maintenance of Mobile Networks

  • Operate & Maintain mobile networks for operators to provide best quality of service with predetermined Key Performance Indicators.
  • In case the operator needs only assistance to run his network we provide him with experienced system engineers in all areas as will as management if required.
Modifications Roll-Out

One of the major services provided by Swedserv is modifications roll-out. Many supplier & operators do not have the time or the staff to roll-out new application systems or ACA packages into very large networks. Swedserv can happily perform these types of jobs which requires a high technical skills and awareness of life exchanges sensitivity. Therefore test plans; contingency plans and fall back plans are prepared for each exchange.