Global System for Mobile Communications

GSM technology is continually evolving. It has made a great leap forward in the past 10 years and it is facing an even greater evolution in the years ahead. High bandwidth services are already becoming available through 2G technologies and the development path to 3G brings with it sophisticated data and multimedia application and seamless integration with the Internet and wireless networks.
Swedserv is ready to advise and give you the power to deliver innovative GSM services and solutions both now and in the future.

– Our consultant was recruited by a major global vendor to tackle Network Quality issues within one of the country’s major mobile network operators. This role was as much as a consultant to the customer as it was to the vendor, and the position was designed to operate independently from both. Early stages of the situation analysis showed clear gaps in the procedural methods adopted by the two parties and the consultant set up a new group to work with the customer on network performance-related issues. This team was built to system consultancy levels. In addition, all Network Quality related activities fell in the domain of the consultant’s responsibilities, and therefore the scope was wide and varied from the creation of tools, processes, training, to technical mergers of competing networks post acquisition. The consultant built a planning and performance group reducing previously high dropped call rates to below 2%, and educating senior staff on both voice and data communication policies.