Consulting Services

Swedserv is one of the leading human capital solution providers in the Gulf Area for telecommunications, networking and technology markets. 

It is the quality of our staff that sets us apart. Our customers and candidates choose Swedserv because they can rely on its professionalism and extensive experience across a complete range of services from permanent positions, contract assignments and consulting to executive search and managed services.

We take great care to understand your business and culture - and we get to know each candidate individually. In this way we successfully match Client needs to Contractor requirements. Candidates are always required to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of their specialist skills/ business area and are rigorously screened and interviewed to assess suitability.

Live Network Services:

  • Operation and Maintenance of primarily different Switching nodes, Radio Network, IN nodes, PPS (Pre-paid) systems and also support systems such as OSS, SOG, BGW and other UNIX based applications.
  • Network expansion of existing MSC/BSC and Radio nodes as well as introduction of new features etc.
  • Traffic data generation & optimization.
  • Network Performance & optimization reports.
  • Network surveillance & trouble tickets generation.
  • OSS tools & Scripts.
Process & Audit Management:
  • Creation of best suitable operation processes for operators.
  • Audit of existing processes & staff.
  • Training Need Analysis.
  • Streamlining of cross-organizational process flows. Survey of process flows and interfaces between different management systems and departments.
Planning and Design

The design of the core network involves a comprehensive understanding of all the network components. The planning and design role encompasses many aspects including dimensioning, interoperability, and the successful integration of the Value Added Services platform. The core network designer plans for flexible network growth, technology evolution, and capacity restraints and requirements. Often in a multi-vendor role working closely with marketing, their directive is to ensure that the optimum network is provisioned and the right services are created for future customers.

Optimization and Enhancement

The success of telecommunications networks is dependent on their exact and accurate optimization and enhancement. The role of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in this role is paramount to the networks’ successful Optimization and Enhancement. Our SMEs provide tangible results and have been paramount in reducing network running and maintenance costs.