About Us

Our mission is to continually develop focused services to enable telecommunications companies to increase their competitiveness and profitability.

We will be the first choice for operators and companies in their selection of professional services.

The telecommunications industry is set to change in the near future more than it has in the last century and we will see the evolution of a new information society with convergence of technologies that will shape the future. Swedserv with its strong management and leading strategic partners are working together to provide their customers with the ability to face the challenges ahead and ensure continuity of technical competence.

We consider ourselves a unique consulting company within telecommunication branch due to the fact that all the Swedserv employees including the management have been working many years with major Suppliers and operators like, Ericsson, Bell Canada, Vodafone, STC, Etisalat, Oskar mobile, etc...
Swedserv has many years of experience and do know very well the suppliers as well as the operator’s demands. We have been assisting Telecommunication operators to operate & maintain their Networks in a cost efficient way and in a professional manner with the best key performance indicators.

Swedserv has also assisted our customers to move from Network Centric to Client Centric business model and realize that customer satisfaction is key to forming sustained competitive advantage and customer retention.

Swedserv supplies all the skills required for Telecommunications and Networking Technologies
  • 2G,  3G, EDGE/GPRS
  • SOG, BGW
  • Project management,
  • Transmission planning,
  • RF design and Network optimisation.

Swedserv also supply all type of Rollouts
  • Switching nodes & BTS including IE & Data Transcript, Integration & testing.
  • ACA/Modifications
  • core network elements such as MSC, BSC, HLR,IN and prepaid systems   
  • OSS & NMS.

Swedserv can also on demand perform a complete O&M for operators based on predetermined key performance indicators or assist the operators in running their networks by providing them with competent Management & staff.
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